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In celebration of Temple Adat Elohim’s 50th Anniversary, we have fulfilled the 613th Commandment…we wrote  a Torah!  This participative, community-oriented journey gave us all the chance to learn, grow and contribute to this amazing process. (Pictured above is our Soferet, Linda Coppleson with Jacob and Lili Weisberg.)


For the past 50 years, Temple Adat Elohim has been a pillar of the Jewish community, setting an inspirational example for innovation and making history as the first Reform Synagogue in the Conejo Valley.  And we continue to innovate today.  With fewer than 20 Torah scrolls worldwide scribed by women, we again will make history as Soferet (Scribe) Linda Coppleson guides us in writing our newest Torah scroll…one of the first Soferet-written Torahs in the greater Los Angeles area!


Your hand, your children’s hands, touching our Soferet as she scribes our very own Torah.  Inches away from a blank piece of parchment, coming to life before your eyes with letters, words and wisdom, all woven together to create TAE’s newest Torah.


Witness our new Torah come to life.  Once complete, this will be the Torah scroll which you, your children, your grandchildren and our entire community will be privileged to hold and to read. This is the Torah that we will pass from generation to generation…and we all will be a part of creating it!

WE are excited TO HAVe YOU ...

Write a Hebrew letter in the Torah with our Soferet

This is included in your TAE membership.  We want 100% of our TAE families to participate in creating our new Torah!

Dedicate Passages that are Meaningful to You

Bring honor to yourself or someone special.  Support our TAE community by dedicating additional letters, words, or a passage.  

Help Us Gain Visibility and Support from the Larger Community

In addition, to engage the community-at-large, we are inviting religious leaders and national and local community leaders to be a part of this mitzvah.

Together, we will honor our past, ensure our future, and continue our tradition as a place to inspire, imagine and engage!


Sun, April 21 2019 16 Nisan 5779